by Nat Johnson

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Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber "Formicarium" (i.e. ant farm) is Nat "Ant" Johnson's farewell song, as she leaves her ant farm - the music business - for the time being... The world of music loses an ingenious songwriter and great performer. Let's hope that it's not really her final word. On "Formicarium", she's joined by Hannah Browne on flute, backing vocals, and percussion, Oliver Allchin on banjo, and Katherine Jackson on violin. Both of the songs on this single painfully demonstrate what kind of outstanding creative mind we're losing. Favorite track: Formicarium.
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Recorded on the first day of September, 2017, Formicarium is my last release for the foreseeable future as I focus on family and further study. A big big thank you for all your support over the last 14 years, through Monkey Swallows the Universe, Nat Johnson & the Figureheads and my solo work.


released September 22, 2017


all rights reserved



Nat Johnson Sheffield, UK

“A treat for fans of PJ Harvey and Alela Diane” – Subba Cultcha

Singer-songwriter., ex-Monkey Swallows the Universe / Nat Johnson & the Figureheads.

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Track Name: Formicarium
I was born into the summertime so I'd see September arriving
I crashed and clawed my way to 35
But that year I learned to walk quietly - now you will never hear me by scarce perceptible stream
I'll stare a pheasant right down from a couple of feet

Water don't move, it's the forces upon: gravity, sun and wind

See I've already gone (she's already gone)
Slipped away by the light of day (slipped away by the light of day)
To the Pinetum (to the Pinetum)
Where I've stashed all your stork-given babes

When I'm a giant I stroke the land, oh so very gently, my great hand
Over prickling treetops, green velvet hills
A spire, now chimney smoke, through my fingers spread wide
I wash my hands in the lake, rub the water in

Giants don't get a giant brain, just a heart that beats nice and slow

And now I have got the brawn (she has got the brawn)
To lift great boulders from the moor (boulders from the moor)
And drop them out of the dimming sky (out of the dimming sky)
On the dogs who live next door

And when I shrink back down (when she shrinks back down)
If I should shrink too small (if she should shrink too small)
Build me a formicarium (formicarium)
And keep me sheltered from the storm

Keep the river to the right (keep the river to the right)
If you're here, be here (to the bridge and back again)
Under willow we will sleep (under willow we will sleep)
On the cusp of severe (it's just that time of year)

Dead as the water, alive as the wind
(To the bridge and back again)
Dead as the water, alive as the wind
(To the bridge and back again)
Dead as the water, alive as the wind
Dead as the water

I am standing still (we are standing still)
At both ends of the lane (both ends of the lane)
Cos time stops when I run (time stops when we run)
To the bridge and back again (to the bridge and back again)

And you saw a solid thing (you saw a solid thing)
While I swam in the Hall
The theatre spins through space
As rockets fly above us all
Track Name: Breathe, Rabbit, Breathe (home demo)
Breathe, rabbit, breathe,
Wide eyes and red teeth

Our gigantic enemies can’t follow us into the earth

Skin and fur and skin
Here in our homely hollow underneath their feet

While the waters all flow down
To the Southern, the Southern hemisphere

And the rivers run so loud the people block it out
Wearing wide-brimmed hats and shouting

Sleep, rabbit, sleep,
Sleep now the soil’s falling

We don’t have to fight: these are equatorial concerns

Do not heed the beat of marching feet above us

Some things never change

Like how fine young women die
In the summer, in the summertime

And grand old ladies die
In the wintertime, after Christmastime

When the world has turned again
And the oceans are still

Let’s stay, rabbit, stay
Under the skin of the earth

Pushing up my legs: here is a trunk in two

Wait to feel first rain
All on the soles of my feet
All on the soles of my feet
All on the soles of my feet

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